Experts in Data Recovery and Digital Forensics


  • Forensic Data Recovery

  • Preservation of data in an investigation is critical to its success. We ensure the integrity of evidential data, even if it has to be recovered from damaged devices.


  • Digital Forensics

  • We specialise in the safe, reliable recovery of evidence from computers, mobile phones and many other computerised devices. We use specialised software and hardware to provide a robust computer forensics service.

  • Data Recovery

  • We know that your data is important to you, and we specialise in data recovery - retrieving your files, no matter whats happened to it. Even if your hard drive has failed, been dropped or is no longer recognised, we can handle even the severest of cases.

  • Data Destruction

  • We also recognise that there comes a time when we have to upgrade or want to sell on old equipment, but what about the data stored in it? We can completely and certifiably destroy all trace of data stored even on failed hard drives, mobile phones and a range of other storage devices.